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Iron & Fire

Airing:Every Fri. 22:00 - 22:30, Starts on the 12th.

Repeated:Every Wed. 11:00 - 11:30, etc.

Iron & Fire will take a high-end approach to documenting American ingenuity featuring those who are actively foregoing technology and reclaiming the past. For centuries, the Ozarks - stretching from southern Missouri into northern Arkansas - has remained the most remote and sparsely populated region of the Lower 48. This is a land where the descendants of Appalachia migrated in search of a last stronghold against the encroachment of the outside world. Traditional blacksmith Daniel Casey is considered a foremost expert on the regionally specific techniques of his craft, a master in a field dominated by men twice his age. Following him and his extensive family, this series will explore the last vestiges of this unique culture that continue to survive today.




Airing:May.1(Mon.)12:00 - 21:00

On this all-new competition show, the best bladed weapon-makers in the country go head-to-head building everything from Viking battle axes to Samurai swords to Indian claw daggers. There will be new weapons and contestants every week, and stunning tests of their creations. In each stand-alone episode, four new contestants battle it out in a quest to prove they can build a particular weapon better than anyone else--and they're doing it by hand. This is the show that turns the craftsmanship, legend and excitement of weapons-building into an against-the-clock battle of wits, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. Contestants compete over a series of elimination challenges using the "garage" of tools provided. Each challenge centers on fabricating a component of the overall weapon. Judged by an esteemed panel of unimpeachable weapons experts, the race to create the episode's weapon of choice is a journey through weapon history under Mission Impossible time constraints with an explosive finale. The winner leaves with $10,000 cash and the coveted title of "Forged in Fire Champion".



Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End - Killer Asteroid

Airing:May.3(Wed.)12:00 - 22:00

Repeated:May. 13(Sat)14(Sun.) 21:00 - 26:00

Each episode of ARMAGEDDON AGAIN opens with strange and frightening phenomena erupting across the globe: glass rains from the sky, a hole appears in the atmosphere, gravity becomes distorted, global communications break down, mass illness descends. We come to discover that these are the effects of catastrophic events that new research reveals could hit planet earth: a rogue planet collision, a gamma ray burst, methane seabed eruption, nuclear war. Through incredible CGI, we rewind to the beginning of the disaster to reveal what is happening. As the events play out, backed by true science, we investigate how mankind could prepare for the impending doom or if this is the beginning of the end.




Airing:Weekday. 15:00 - 17:00

Repeated:Weekday. 28:00 - 30:00

There are men in America who must still make their living off the land; hunting and trapping to provide for their families. They are MOUNTAIN MEN. Their very survival is predicated on utilizing ancient skills perfected over hundreds of years. This series features a variety of men from Appalachia to the Rocky Mountains to Alaska and follows them as they race against winter to obtain the sustenance and money needed to make it through the coldest months of the year. Eustace Conway lives deep in the mountains of North Carolina on the "Turtle Bay Reserve." He moved here two decades ago in search of a more "truthful" existence. In the years since, he's built a home, and survived by hunting, fishing and raising animals. Tom Orr lives with his wife on the Yaak River in Montana. He is 100 miles from the nearest town, a place he hasn't ventured to in 10 years. John is a trapper by trade and to prepare for winter, he must earn enough money to obtain the supplies he needs.




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