Our channel brings history to life in a powerful manner,allowing people to experience history personally and connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past. HISTORY, seen by 250 million households in over 150 countries, is the only international television network devoted exclusively to historical programming. HISTORY can be seen on SKY PerfecTV! (Ch. 370), SKY PerfecTV! HD(Ch.674),SKY PerfecTV!e2 (Ch.342) ,SKY PerfecTV!HIKARI (Ch.370) ,HikariTV, BBTV or through your local cable operator.


Airing:Oct. 23(Sun.) 19:00 - 21:00

Repeated:Oct. 29(Sat) 16:00 - 18:00

Electromagnetic explosions… devastating climate change… mysterious diseases… all carving a deadly path across the globe. Could mankind’s biggest threat come from a natural disaster -- or might the cause be something more sinister − something from out of this world?
TARGET EARTH examines our planet’s complex infrastructure and life-support systems and shows how humans are vulnerable to attack from a variety of threats − be it man-made or extraterrestrial. Leading scientists, government officials, military personnel and others explore where Earth’s abundant resources, telecommunications, food and water supplies, weapons and even the human body could be taken over by a hostile force. Are we susceptible to outside control? Could an enemy use our own planet and its natural resources as a weapon against us?
If we discover we’re not alone in the universe, would an alien invasion be likely? Would Earth’s populations unite to fight a common foe - or would human nature place us at odds − against each other?




Airing:Oct. 10(Mon)〜14(Fri.) 23:00 -

Repeated:Oct. 17(Mon)〜12(Fri.) 19:00 -

Off the coast of Nova Scotia sits a small island that is a riddle wrapped in enigma. In the 1700s, people noticed strange lights there at night, and the person sent to investigate them disappeared. Eventually, a couple of kids who rowed out to the island found a strange indentation in the ground. This discovery began a quest that goes on until this day, and has involved everyone from FDR to John Wayne. What lies beneath Oak Island? Is it a pirate treasure or a Viking horde? An ancient Fort Knox or even a lost Biblical relic like the Ark of the Covenant? No one knows, and anyone who has tried to find out has encountered an unexpected problem -- booby-traps. Someone went to great measures to hide whatever is there, because as soon as you dig down a few feet, sea-water from various hidden, man-made channels floods the hole.
Enter the Lagina brothers from Michigan. Older brother Rick is obsessed with decoding the secrets, so his little brother and Texas oilman, Marty, spent a fortune to buy access to the island. This summer, they'll use their deep pockets to dig and deploy technology like never before. This could be it, but there will be obstacles. The island is allegedly cursed. There's an old prophecy that says "7 will die before the treasure is found." The Laginas are fully aware of the death toll so far...6.



American Restoration

Airing:Every Thu. 22:00 - 23:00 (Starts on the 6th)

Repeated:Every Tue. 11:00 - 12:00, etc.

American Restoration follows 5 of the best restoration shops in the United States as the owners and their incredibly talented teams not only restore pieces of America’s history, but also create new and awe repurposed items of the past.

Bodie Stroud and his team at BS Industries in California are presented with the biggest project they’ve ever tackled, a 1937 American LaFrance fire engine for the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum. Normally, Bodie would be able to charge a premium for a job of this magnitude, but since his father was a firefighter, he agrees to help them on a shoestring budget. When things start falling apart though from the get go, Bodie’s good deed may get him burned. Meanwhile, at Wheels Through Time in North Carolina, Dale is getting more than he bargained for when a customer’s hidden note on a 1946 Harley Knucklehead Motorcycle turns a routine tune up into a full blown restoration. Later, Andy at Michigan’s Monkey Business runs into a hairy situation when a longtime customer brings him a family relic 1890’s Koch’s Barber chair.



Woolly Mammoth: The Autopsy

Airing:Oct. 2(Sun) 19:00 - 20:00

Repeated:Oct. 2(Sun) 26:00 - 27:00

Woolly mammoths roamed the frozen Siberian tundra for thousands of years before becoming extinct. Now, the discovery of the best-preserved mammoth yet has quickened the pace of one of the most ambitious projects in science:the cloning of the woolly mammoth. This mammoth is unlike those found before. When the carcass was dug out of the permafrost, a bloody liquid spilled out. Could it be mammoth blood? And does the freshness of the mammoth's flesh mean that a clone is now achievable? Several South Korean scientists and a team from Harvard Medical School plan to insert mammoth genes into the genome of the mammoth's nearest surviving relative — the Asian elephant — in order to produce a mammoth/elephant hybrid that looks and behaves like a woolly mammoth. This fascinating film follows the international team of mammoth specialists and cloning scientists as they carry out a historic autopsy in Siberia and strive to bring these iconic giants of the Ice Age back from extinction. As the animal is carefully dissected and its tusks examined, the program reveals the life story of this mammoth in forensic detail.




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