Our channel brings history to life in a powerful manner,allowing people to experience history personally and connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past. HISTORY, seen by 250 million households in over 150 countries, is the only international television network devoted exclusively to historical programming. HISTORY can be seen on SKY PerfecTV! (Ch. 370), SKY PerfecTV! HD(Ch.674),SKY PerfecTV!e2 (Ch.342) ,SKY PerfecTV!HIKARI (Ch.370) ,HikariTV, BBTV or through your local cable operator.


Airing:Jul. 4(Mon.)〜7(Thu.) 19:00 - 21:00

Repeated:Jul. 9(Sat.)8:00 - 13:00 10(Sun.)8:00 - 11:00, etc.

On this all-new competition show, the best bladed weapon-makers in the country go head-to-head building everything from Viking battle axes to Samurai swords to Indian claw daggers. There will be new weapons and contestants every week, and stunning tests of their creations.
In each stand-alone episode, four new contestants battle it out in a quest to prove they can build a particular weapon better than anyone else--and they're doing it by hand. This is the show that turns the craftsmanship, legend and excitement of weapons-building into an against-the-clock battle of wits, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Contestants compete over a series of elimination challenges using the "garage" of tools provided. Each challenge centers on fabricating a component of the overall weapon.
Judged by an esteemed panel of unimpeachable weapons experts, the race to create the episode's weapon of choice is a journey through weapon history under Mission Impossible time constraints with an explosive finale. The winner leaves with $10,000 cash and the coveted title of "Forged in Fire Champion".



Beyond Right and Wrong

Airing:Jul. 3(Sun.) 19:00 - 21:00

Repeated:Jul.9 (Sat.) 6:00 - 8:00, etc.

Beyond Right & Wrong is an arresting, thought-provoking and eye-opening film, that explores the intersections of justice and forgiveness as survivors heal from extraordinary tragedies, that go directly into the wound of our world’s great conflicts and genocides. The narrative follows the stories of three individuals from very different cultural backdrops; Ireland, Israel and Rwanda as they recount powerful stories that explore exceptional depths of human suffering and the pathways each of these individuals have taken towards healing and forgiveness. A survivor of the Rwanda Genocide struggles to forgive the man who killed her children. A victim’s daughter strikes up an unusual friendship with the ex-IRA bomber who killed her father. And the two men −one Israeli, one Palestinian − form a bond after tragedies claim their daughter’s lives. Touching and moving, this film dares to ask the hard questions - How do whole societies recover from devastating conflict? Can survivors live―converse, smile, and even laugh―beside someone who blinded them, killed their parents, or murdered their children? Can victims and perpetrators work together to rebuild their lives?




Airing:Jul. 18(Mon.)19(Tue.) 23:00 - 25:00

Repeated:Jul.23 (Sat.) 22:00 - 26:00, etc.

For the 70th Anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-held Europe, History tells the story of D-Day in HD. Rare footage is rendered in High Definition, then combined with interviews from the men who lived through it. Allied and German survivors tell their first-hand stories about the war that changed the course of the world. Through these stories, the long held belief that an Allied victory was secured after a single, bloody day will be dispelled. In truth, it would take weeks of back and forth struggle before the Allies could cement their foothold in enemy territory. And the final death toll far exceeds anything seen on the beaches. D-Day remains one of the most important turning points of WWII, yet very few of us know the real story...until now.



Lady in Number 6

Airing:Jul. 24(Sun.) 25:00 - 26:00

Repeated:Jul.25 (Mon.) 23:00 - 24:00

At 109 at the time of filming, Alice Herz Sommer was the world's oldest pianist…and its oldest Holocaust survivor. This uplifting Oscar-winning film is her inspirational story, recording a hundred year history, and also recounting the enduring strengths of the human spirit.

Directed by Malcolm Clarke, The Lady in Number 6 remarkably illustrates how Alice Herz-Sommer’s love of music and unbreakable optimism guided her through one of histories darkest periods, World War II and the Holocaust. Alice’s childhood in Prague was enriched by family friends who surrounded her -scientists, musicians, and writers such as Franz Kafka. She diligently learned to play the piano and pursued a career as a classical musician, a choice that would lead her to meet her husband, Leopold Sommer. After the Nazi’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, Alice’s ailing mother Sophie was taken away and murdered. Alice found emotional refuge in learning to play Chopin’s 24 Etudes, practicing up to eight hours a day. She and her son Raphael were then sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her husband Leopold would follow, but would later be sent to Auschwitz, he died at Dachau.

Rare archival footage, photographs and fascinating interviews from Alice and her friends, who are also survivors, poignantly illustrate how hope and music affected their lives throughout the most horrific times. Alice Herz-Sommer died, aged 110, one week before the Oscar ceremony. At the heart of her remarkable story of courage and endurance is her passion for music and a universal, inextinguishable love of life.

“The world is wonderful,” she said. “It is full of beauty and full of miracles.”




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